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Donna Burgher is a

Happiness Activator, Spiritual Guide,

Mindset & Energy Coach,

Advanced Manifesting Mentor, 

and Podcast Host of

Choose True Happiness.

“Choosing To Be Happy Increases The Quality Of Your Everyday Life.”


~ Donna Burgher

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Donna is deeply passionate about empowering & inspiring conscious, successful entrepreneurs and parents to raise their Happiness Vibration™ and expand their consciousness so they can energetically align to their dreams and desires creating a reality they love and are excited about living.​

She intuitively guides her clients using proven and powerful processes to connect them to their soul-aligned desires and future self, using future visioning skills, which allows them to be pulled forward into their vision so they can manifest their dreams and enjoy their everyday life.


As her clients embody the higher frequencies and master their energy, they accelerate their desired outcomes, experiencing more success and happiness in all areas of their life.


Donna's clients are committed to their personal empowerment & spiritual growth, which is why they experience true happiness and their lives transform. 

Is this you?

From the outside looking in, your life looks pretty good. 

But... you feel dissatisfied, unfulfilled, and not truly happy; meaning you don’t feel excited or passionate about your everyday life. And, while your life is good -- it is not AWESOME. You are not living your dreams and you realize this is having a negative impact on your relationships, business, and parenting.

Successful people are not as happy on the inside,

as they may look, on the outside.

But I am here to change that!

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Raising Your Happiness Vibration™ is Fun and

it will Transform Your Reality.

More About Donna :)

I had a Divine awakening in 2009 and my online entrepreneurial journey began in 2011. I have founded, owned, and co-owned both offline and online businesses. 



Additionally, I am a Lightworker, an Awakening Your Light Body Teacher, Energy Healer, International Best-Selling Co-Author, Speaker, Co-Host of Journey Beyond The Veil Podcast, Workshop Leader, Certified Life Coach, Advanced Passion Test Facilitator for Adults, Teens, and Kids, and a Believer in Positive Possibilities.

I am an International Leader in Spirituality & Soulful Business. I have extensive knowledge and training in many healing modalities, metaphysical and esoteric

knowledge, ancient teachings, energy work, universal laws, and spiritual principles. ​

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A Message From Donna ~

I truly want you to live a happy & Fulfilling life; mind, body, soul & spirit. Sure you can put a smile and your face and look happy on the outside but I want you to be truly happy, on the inside, for authentic happiness comes from within.


Happiness is a choice and it's up to you to intentionally choose it every single day.

Wishing You a Happy & Fulfilling Life!

:) Donna

"True happiness is an inner vibration that you can

choose to embody and enjoy in your everyday reality."


~ Donna Burgher 

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This Journey is Fun, Magical, and Life-Changing!​​

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